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House System and Students Council

Nehru House       Tagore House     Gandhi House      Subhash House

In order to develop leadership qualities,confidence and creativity and to make each child and extrovert and to encourage healthy interaction among themselves the school is divided into four houses namely:

  • Each house has a deep rooted meaning connected with value sytem based principles of equanimity and Even-wightedness related historical and educational.

  • Every child is automatically assigned one of these houses and expected to learn,imbibe and demonstrate the values of his/her own house and houses as well.

  • Based on their attitude,discipline,performance in academics,co-curricular activities and sprts, students are selected for the 'Students Cabinet' to manage these houses and extra curricular activities under the supervision of their school teachers.This body comprises of House Captains,Vice Captains and other Perfects.

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